Our story begins long time ago.


Torneria Revolver e Brocciatura

Was build in 1954 by Mr Giacomo Castelli in the late fifties with Mr Varinelli, who was an engineer. At the time, the name of the company was "Torneria Revolver" and in 1954 it became "Torneria Revolver e Brocciature".


Brocciature Castelli

Over the years the company direction became more clearly specialised in contracted broaching and slotting work. This specialization became the essence of Brocciature Castelli SRL, officially founded in 1974.


Brocciature Castelli SRL

"Brocciature Castelli SRL has been involved in mechanical couplings for more than three decades and our customers include many leading companies in the fields of reduction units, gearing and valves.

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